Elegan Kramer

Saint Louis, MO | 7-12, Science, 2019


Elegan Kramer is currently a Virtual Developer at the Parkway School District. She has been working with teachers and district coordinators to develop course materials and activities designed for a virtual experience. She has also provided ongoing support to teachers teaching virtually during the 2020-2021 school year. Previously, Elegan taught 11th-12th grade Advanced Placement Physics 1 and Principles of Physics at Parkway North High School, where she has taught for 13 years. She has also taught astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, and physical science. Elegan enjoyed incorporating real-world applications in her classes, modeled the process of scientific discovery and engineering in class, and encouraged her students to work collaboratively. In the last few years, she has worked with other educators in the district to create a new physics class based upon these educational ideas. Each year she took her students to a local amusement park to participate in experiments and to collect data with sensors on various rides. Previously, she taught eighth-grade science at Columbia Public Schools for one year. Elegan is an active member of the St. Louis Area Physics Teachers and was its president from 2018 to 2020. She is also an Ambassador for STEP UP (Supporting Teachers to Encourage the Pursuit of Undergraduate Physics). As a STEP UP Ambassador, she empowers teachers to inspire young women to pursue physics. Elegan earned a B.S. in secondary education-unified chemistry and an M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction as a teaching fellow from the University of Missouri at Columbia. She is certified in physics 9–12, unified chemistry 9–12, and general science 5–9. She also is a National Board Certified Teacher in science/early adolescence.