Kenton Page

San Antonio, TX - Science

The Presidential Award is an honor earned by the culture of placing students first in every context within the Northside Independent School District and Peggy Carnahan Elementary School. It serves as a positive reflection of the hard work and shared goals of many teams at the campus and district level of teachers, administrators, and the entire learning community. Above all it is a credential earned by determined effort of students and their families to achieve academic excellence.

Kent Page has taught science at Peggy Carnahan Elementary School in the Northside Independent School District for the past 5 years. He spent the previous 8 years teaching third through fifth grade at the Holmgreen Center in the Northside Independent School District.

As his school's science specialist, Kent coordinates instruction in kindergarten through fifth grade science, in addition to teaching two intervention classes daily.

Communicating a love of science and developing innovative activities that appeal to children are Kent's hallmarks. He initiated a school service project in which students, their families, and community volunteers planted native trees. Students said that "it was more fun than recess," and the district selected Project ACORN to extend to other schools.

Kent has presented workshops on outdoor instruction to engage all students in real-world applications of science concepts.  He mentors other teachers through the Texas Regional Collaborative.

Kent has a Bachelor of Music from West Texas A&M University; a Master of Music from the University of Texas, San Antonio; an M.E. in special education from the University of Texas, San Antonio; and an M.E. in science curriculum and instruction from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio. He is certified in elementary self-contained for first through eighth grade and generic special education for grades PK-12.