Elizabeth Pitzer

Arcanum, OH - Mathematics

Some people refuse to watch the news because it is all bad. Perhaps our society buys into the negative news and scandals. There has been a lot of negative press regarding education in recent years, which is not flattering to all the wonderful educators out there who put their heart and soul into the profession. The news does not reflect the true picture of our nation's educators. The Presidential Award celebrates the good that is happening in our classrooms across the country today.

Elizabeth Pitzer has been an educator for nearly 30 years and has spent the past 25 years in the Arcanum-Butler Local School District. She is currently teaching mathematics at the fifth grade level at Arcanum-Butler Middle School. Previously, she taught second grade at Randolph Eastern in Union City, IN.

Elizabeth is a leader in the classroom and the district. She serves on the District Leadership Team and is the district’s Value-Added Specialist. She has a passion for learning best practices and analyzing the district’s mathematics data and she shares this information with others. Elizabeth has hosted student teachers and mentored teachers within the district. She served as a fellow with the Dayton Regional STEM Center.

Elizabeth was part of a grant-writing collaborative with Wright State University supporting National Board candidates in the region. She was a 1998 Milken Educator. She currently serves on the Mathematics Team for the Ohio Network Regional Leaders through the Ohio Department of Education.

Elizabeth has a B.S. and an M.A., both in elementary education, from Ball State University. She is a National Board Certified Middle Childhood Generalist, one of the first in the state and the nation.