Carol Fears

APO, AE - Mathematics

The Presidential Award is a public recognition of the dedication and work that teachers invest in students. This award acknowledges the excellence of educators who have chosen to work with our greatest resource, our children. It is a privilege to be nominated and selected as a finalist. Reapplying after not winning in 2010 gave me the opportunity to learn from my mistakes, as I teach my students to do. I am grateful to be considered for this award and share it with my students, colleagues, and family.

Carol Fears has been teaching children about mathematics and science for 27 years, the past 22 years on overseas military bases where she instructs the dependent children of our service members for the Department of Defense Education Activity. She currently teaches sixth grade mathematics and seventh grade environmental science at Landstuhl Elementary/Middle School, where she has taught for 8 years.

In the classroom, Carol emphasizes the practical and real-world application of mathematics. She uses technology, hands-on activities, writing, and literature to make mathematics come alive and be relevant to her students. Carol believes that building confidence in their mathematical abilities is one of the greatest gifts she can give her students.

Carol has led professional development at the school, district, and European levels, with a focus on writing in mathematics and using questioning techniques to generate mathematical understanding. She is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and has had her work published on its Illuminations Web site.  

Carol has a B.S., cum laude, in biology from Georgia College, an M.Ed. in education from Georgia State University, and more than 30 additional graduate semester-hours. She is certified in middle grades mathematics and secondary sciences.