Amy Hanson

Denver, CO - Science

It is a privilege to be nominated for this award that recognizes the importance of science education in preparing students to be global citizens. I am humbled to be part of such a distinguished group of educators who are committed to preparing scientifically literate students, many of whom will go on to become the next generation of scientists, and hope that this award will provide a way to continue to contribute in the field of science education.

Amy Hanson has taught Honors Chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry for the past 4 years at East High School in the Denver Public Schools. She spent the previous 4 years teaching science at West High School and the Denver Public Schools.

During her time at East High School, Amy has worked with her colleagues to implement project-based assessments and process-oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL) activities in chemistry classes. Her students present an annual chemistry show at district elementary schools. She also sponsors the Science Olympiad team, providing an opportunity for students to pursue their interest in science at regional and state competitions.

Amy has presented sessions on inquiry-based science and project-based assessments at various conferences, and she has facilitated sessions at regional meetings for the POGIL project. Amy is also a professional development leader for chemistry teachers in her school district, and she is a co-instructor for the Urban Partnership Science Institute.

Amy has a B.S. in biological sciences from the University of Denver and an M.S. in biological sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She completed her teaching certification at Metropolitan State College of Denver and is certified in secondary science education.