Kimberly Riddle

Fredericksburg, VA - Mathematics

Teachers have responsibilities to their students. Teachers also have a responsibility to one another. Knowledge gained should not be withheld for self-serving purposes. Instead, knowledge should be shared with colleagues. Over the past 4 years, I have advocated change in instructional methods in algebra-based classes in order to meet the 21st-century needs of students. The Presidential Award is validation of the risks taken and decisions made regarding instructional methods in the classroom.

Kimberly Riddle has taught at Chancellor High School in the Spotsylvania County School District for the past 10 years. She has taught Algebra I; Algebra I Parts; Geometry; Precalculus; Discrete Mathematics; and Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis.

In June 2008, Kim attended the Algebra through Function Academy in Duck, NC, where she learned the importance of teaching algebra through visualizations, pattern building, and contextual situations. Sharing the information with her colleagues, Kim assisted with the implementation of changes in curriculum and instructional methods in algebra-based classes in her school and district. 

Kim’s Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis classes engage in many hands-on activities. She uses differentiated activities to help students discover patterns. Kim encourages student collaboration and exploration, and as a result, classroom discussions are enthusiastic and passionate.

Kim continues to improve her classroom instruction by participating in grants through the University of Virginia. The Capstone grant, which will be implemented next year, promotes college and career readiness through tasks, projects, and problems.          

Kim has a B.A. in liberal studies and an M.Ed. from the University of Mary Washington. She is certified in secondary mathematics.