Ann Thompson

Proctorsville, VT - Science

Receiving this prestigious honor validates my work in grounding elementary science instruction in real-world contexts. As a global community drawing on limited resources, we face complex problems that require informed solutions. Future decision makers must be scientifically literate, gaining confidence from understanding forces in nature. I extend this recognition to my students, who hold the keys to unlocking the scientific mysteries awaiting them in their backyards, communities, and world.

Ann Thompson has taught a rich science curriculum at Cavendish Town Elementary for 17 years. She has instructed third through sixth grade.

Transferring methods of classroom inquiry to field-based settings is integral to Ann’s science teaching. Her students have measured snow densities, studied Vermont bedrock geology, and identified variables affecting the hatching rates of quail.

As an experienced Vermont Professional Development Network Leader, Ann teaches specific writing methods for formulating written conclusions about data using technology and science notebook techniques. Literacy is tied closely to targeted science concepts.

Ann has presented at the Vermont Science Association Conference on developing science inquiry attitudes and at the Vermont Fest Technology Conference on classroom blogging with environmental mysteries. She has led school teams in identifying key science vocabulary in the Vermont Grade Expectations. Working in local headwater streams, she evaluated water quality monitoring tools for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

Ann has a B.S. in business management from Ithaca College, teacher certification from Immaculata College, and a Master's of Science Education from Castleton State College. She is certified in kindergarten through sixth grade elementary education.